National Poster Retrospecticus

Hey all,

We are excitedly honored and humbled to be represented in the upcoming National Poster Retrospecticus, presented by Lincoln Arts Project. We will be among 50 fellow artists and will have three of our posters hung at this event. Somehow, our goofy prints can be viewed among some of our most highly revered local and national printmakers. The reception kicks off at 7 PM on March 23 with some awesome perks: Sponsorship by Narragansett and live printing by AntiDesigns. If you’ve got some free time and want to see an amazing collection of posters, or just get blato on Narragansett, head on over! All the details be right here:


Laura Stevenson & The Cans

We’d like to throw a humble shout out to Laura Stevenson and the Cans for, not only putting on a fantastic show at the Middle East, but for also allowing us to do this show poster. It was a nice change from the dark, spooky music posters we’ve done (don’t get us wrong, we love dark and spooky), so we tried to go full-on light and bright with this 3-color bad larry. We almost pulled it off – there’s still a little grunge in there. We couldn’t resist. Fun to make – even more fun to enjoy the show! $15 US dollars / 1 Salmon fillet.

Foxy Reunion

Over the past year we’ve been around, we’ve had some sad times saying goodbye to some of the prints we’ve sold out of. We weren’t quite ready to lay Foxy to rest, so we decided to whip up a batch of re-animator serum and get to work making him better than ever. We amped up the size to 19×25, redrafted the entire thing with more detailed line work, and went from 3 opaque inks in the first iteration to 5 translucent interweaving colors.  Hours of sighing at desks and cursing at exposed screens went into this special little dude, but we think it was worth it. We hope you like it as much as we had fun making it. If you’d like one of these handsome devils, just let us know. Goes for $30 American moneys.

Vikings Are The New Pirates

You know it’s true, Vikings are just cooler. When all your friends are going as Jack Sparrow or that other lady for Halloween, just think – you could have a stilt-powered viking ship towering above you in your home. Who wins that game?

When we came up with this print, we tried to translate painted canvas textures and graphite line work into one silkscreened piece. This was our first attempt using our hand-built vacuum exposure unit to pull out more details in our work. We’re pretty happy with it. We hope you like it too. Let us know if you want one. $25

Ta Da!

Whoosh! Here it is – a new three-color print, chock full of magical fun. I guess you could say the moral of this one is, “one thing at a time,” but really I was just annoyed at my day job and had fun sketching this one out. In printing this, our goal was to maintain the sketchiness of the original drawing, so I hope we succeeded. We also are obligated to say that Bellyache Press does not condone the harm or fatality of any living creature, so we feel really bad about the bunny we killed. $15



This past Sunday we got to be a part of the Bazaar Bizarre in Boston. It was really awesome. We got to meet some great people, talk about printmaking, dance, and eat junk food. The organizers of this are great and really make you feel at home. Some big, big plans for Bellyache on the horizon…so keep your heads above the water.


3 – color poster we did for the Timber Timbre show on April 11 at the Brighton Music Hall. Snow, steeple, piano… If you don’t know the Timber Timbre, we highly suggest you get on that. Will not be for sale until April 12. $15